Online casinos and sausage sizzles

Aussies have been keen on gambling ever since the union jack flag was raised in the Canberra parliament. It’s no big secret that they are responsible for the world’s best cricket and rugby leagues, and no big surprise that a thriving betting culture have sprung around these and other sports events. Among the many Aussie favourite are the horse racing, with thousands and more of people gathering around the race course every weekend with a sausage sizzle.

But it’s not only about sports events, Aussies have been keen with online betting and playing real money games for years now, and it is a phenomena which continues to grow with every passing year. The legalities on online gambling down under is a bit vague. Even though sports betting are permitted and the countries holds a home to some very successful brick and mortar casinos, a 2001 based gambling act prohibits online casino providers to operate and sell services to the Australian community, however the act does not mention anything about providers operating from outside the country. Thus, Australians can easily enjoy their favourite online casino, with no worries, by signing up to a provider from overseas.

And they sure do, as the number of online gamblers surged drastically in recent years, which made the government to think they should fight the phenomena by advertising the hazards of reckless gambling. More than a few have been known to lose their home over gambling, either offline or online, however that does not stop the government from collecting its regular tax revenue from the casinos. Even though, you have to hand it to the Australian government for being so kind not to tax any winnings made from betting. With such an open and vague attitude towards gambling, online casinos are sure to prosper